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Delivering an extreme 300 Litres of air per minute, inflating an average 4WD tyre in less than 45 seconds - and a car tyre quicker than you can blink! That's right, while imitations can make promises, the OutbacTM Platinum proudly lays claim to being the fastest on-demand compressor on the market.

With the ability to pump a 10R.15 off-road tyre from 15-35psi in under a minute, plus comfortably continue to inflate all your mates tyres along with any other poor soul that purchased an inferior product, make no mistake - the Platinum Series is the ultimate, pushing a constant 150PSI - even truck tyres are no challenge!

PLUS! - Exclusive to the OutbacTM Platinum range is the unique Acu-flateTM deflation valve which accurately controls inflation and allows for fast preset deflation, making correct tyre inflation child's play - What a fantastic feature!

OutbacTM is synonymous with quality and reliability and the 180 Platinum sets the precedence, equipped with twin premium stainless steel valved cylinders, lifetime Bearing Mounted Gearless Direct Drive Copper Motor, Fused Overload Protection, Dual Foam Air Filtration, Heavy Duty Alligator Clamps and a Lengthy power cable - that's enough to put other compressors to shame.



Motor Type: Permanent Magnetic

Power: 540W

Max. Air Flow: 300L/min

Voltage Range: 12-13.8 V

Portable or Stationary: Portable

Type: Air Compressor

Max. Amperage Draw: 45A

Working Pressure: 7BAR/100PSI

Pressure: 150 PSI

Max. Restart Pressure: 220 PSI

Max. Ambient Temp: 60 C

Min. Ambient Temp: -55 C

Recommended Duty Cycle: 30 min @ 2.8 BAR (40psi) @ 24°C

Hose Fittings: 1/4' NPT

Hose Length: 5m

Auto Reset Thermal Protection: Yes

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