250W Folding Solar Panel Kit 12V Mono

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When you're on the road, you know you need flexible power support, and nothing beats the eco-friendly nature of solar power! The 250W Folding Solar Panel is a handy, portable device that's ideal for camping, caravanning, RVing, and most outdoor activities. It's designed with German standard monocrystalline cells that guarantee you an effective output. It has a foldable design so you can take it wherever you need it. And thanks to its sturdy legs with their U-shape bracket, it's able to support itself and have stability on uneven surfaces, in strong winds, and tough weather conditions. Best of all, there's no DIY required - it's ready to use anywhere, anytime.

The panel is constructed solidly and with corner protectors so as not to damage it when moving. It can be folded neatly in seconds, and is conveniently portable with its sturdy carry handle and lightweight aluminium frame. Now, you and your loved ones get to enjoy power while camping - bring out a portable solar panel with you and access solar power anywhere! Buy one today!

Max Power: 250W
Max Power Voltage: 18V
Max Power Current: 9.33A
Open-Circuit Voltage: 20V
Short-Circuit Current: 13.8A
Cell Efficiency: 16.8%
Maximum System Voltage: 1000V
Temperature Range: -40°-85°
Power Tolerance: +0~10%
Standard Test Conditions: 1000W/m2, AM1.5, 25°C
Solar Cell: Mono
Front Glass: 3.2mm Tempered Glass
Maximum Hail Load: steel ball 1m
Frame: Anodized Aluminium
Maximum Power Tolerance ±3%
Max Over Current Protecting Rating A 15
Cell Technology Mono-Si
Modeule Application Class A

1x 250w folding panel
1x Alligator Clips
1x 2m Cable
1x MPPT Controller With USB
1x User Manual

- Mono crystalline cells: efficient absorber of sunlight.
- Compatible: includes two of the most common connections.
- Easy to use: no construction needed, comes ready to use.
- Quality assured: lifetime output guaranteed.
- Product support: ongoing expert level advice.
- Price friendly: meets the high standards of bigger brands, at a pocket-friendly price.
- Clean and compact: eco-friendly, quite energy output
- Flexible: mountable
- German standard: guaranteed 0-10% more power
Meeting highest international standards: ISO 9001 and ISO14001 and certified with IEC61215, IEC61730, CE and UL
Shade tolerant

Dimensions:680*640*60mm(Per Panel)

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