Enerdrive Kit RV80 Plus



Enerdrive Battery Manager Installation Plate (K-RV-80-PLUS)

40A DC2DC Battery Charger ~ MPPT Solar Controller (Solar Charger)

40Amp 240AC Battery Charger ~ 1 x ePRO Battery Monitor (with shunt)

Fused ~ Mounting Hardware

Suits 12V AGM, Flooded, GEL and Lithium Battery Systems

(Just add solar panels)

Pre-wired, pre-mounted Enerdrive Battery Management Installation Plates Reduce Installation Time - Improve Performance and Reliability

Reduce install time / improve performance and reliability PLUS One Stop Fault and Warranty Support from the Team at Enerdrive. All components are pre-installed (pre-wired) on white powder coated mounting plates (except battery monitor cable as this needs to be run to monitor mounting location).

Enerdrive have spent considerable time developing a simple, turn-key installation plate for the Caravan, Motorhome, Camper Trailer, boat and Commercial vehicle markets.  Over the years, it’s evident that most product issues occur when simple mistakes are made at the time of installation so we set out to find a way to improve installation time and reliability.

The Right Products for the Right Solution - Enerdrive Installation Plates have been designed with the right mix of products that you need, without going over the top to keep costs at a minimum.   We believe that these product mixes and layouts work, however, if you have an ongoing application, we can also custom configure a specific layout to suit your needs.  All systems come complete with a full wiring diagram and user manuals.

One Stop Tech and Warranty Spot - By using the Enerdrive Installation Plates, any fault or product issue can be easily identified in consultation with the tech team at Enerdrive.  Enerdrive's plates are designed for ease of replacement of all components with threaded mounting brackets and cable connections and if needed, could be done by the actual owner with the support of the Enerdrive team via phone.

This approach has been very successful of late with Enerdrive's end user Tech Support phone calls, when we know a specific van/customers exact installation and setup.

One Brand – One Company – One Solution – Why wouldn’t you choose an Enerdrive Installation Plate?

40A RV Battery Management System includes the following:

  • 1 x Mounting Plate
  • 1 x ePRO Battery Monitor with Shunt
  • ePOWER 40A AC Charger
  • ePOWER DC2DC 40A with MPPT Solar Input
  • 2 x Red Midi Fuse Holders wired to each output of the 2 chargers
  • 1 x Red Midi Fuse Holder wired ready for DC Load out
  • 1 x Red Input connector ready for Battery + connection
  • Slotted Ducting to neatly run the cables.

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