Grinder Adaptor ONLY Suits Thunder Portable Espresso Coffee Machine

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Grinder Adaptor Only

Suits Thunder Portable Espresso Machine

Enjoy your pod style coffee on your weekend escape with a portable and rechargeable coffee machine.

THUNDER ESPRESSO COFFEE GROUNDS ADAPTOR - Suits Thunder Portable Expresso Machine

Use your favourite blend of pre ground coffee with the Thunder Portable Espresso Machine.

Every coffee lover needs to be able to escape to the bush and be able to enjoy their favourite coffee brew.

The Thunder Espresso Coffee Grounds Adaptor was created so camping and caravaning enthusiasts can enjoy their preferred special blend of pre ground coffee. 

With optimal coffee extraction, a rich bold espresso shot can be extracted to café standards. 

Its small compact size makes it very portable for outdoor use, making it simple to pack in your backpack for camping, climbing or hiking.

Depth: 70mm x Width: 70mm x Height: 100mm

Weight: 100g

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