RacksBrax HD Hitch Tradesman III


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Change over your heavy loads in less than 10 seconds with this pack of three quick release hitches for those extra heavy roof rack accessories; particularly heavy conduit tubes. This pack also includes a set of two wall-mounts to attach your awning or conduit tube to your garage wall so you can quickly swap from Tradie to Camper.

The RacksBrax HD Hitch Tradesman III Pack includes a set of three glass reinforced nylon brackets with stainless steel fasteners to lock-on and take off extra heavy roof rack accessories including pull-out awnings, ensuite tents and conduit tubes.  This pack also includes a set of two RacksBrax HD Wall-Mounts so that the roof rack accessory can be fixed to a garage wall when not in use. 



Includes 3 x Bodies, 3 x Holders, 3 x Pins, 2 x Prop Cleats, Stainless steel fasteners, and the Wall-Mount Pack with 2 x bodies.

Pack size: 210mm x 125mm x 180mm
Pack weight: 2.5kg

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